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Below you’ll find an overview of the trips and excursions available, whether you wish to spend a full day visit or you are looking for a more detailed tour.

Half day or full day excursions:

Colubus Trust: just 5 kilometers from Aestus Villas Resort is a park managed by the organization “Colobus Trust”. Promoting the conservation, preservation and protection of primates such as the Angolan Colobus Monkey (Colobus angolensis palliatus) and its coastal forest habitat in South-Eastern Kenya. The organisation was established in 1997 in response to an outcry from local residents about the high number of deaths of Colobus Monkeys on the Diani Beach road.
Now, many years later, the Colobus Trust has numerous projects concentrating on research and solutions for human/primate conflicts including animal welfare, biological/ecological research, community development and education, forest protection and enrichment and eco-tourism awareness program”. For example, they have built ingenious aerial walkways that monkeys have learned to use. A visit to the conservation park will be enjoyable for both young and old.

Kaya Diani, Kaya Ukunda, Kaya Kinondo
The Kaya closest to Aestus Villas Resort is the Kinondo on Diani / Galu beach at roughly 2 kilometers of distance. The kaya is the traditional fortified village of the main coastal local population, the Mijikenda. The word Kaya means Sacred Forest in local language/dialect and each of the local nine tribes has one on them which extension varies from 3 km to 5 hectares. Although abandoned and degraded for a long time, since 2008 the Kayas have entered the list of “UNESCO world heritage sites”, putting 20 of them under protection and maintenance. Other Kayas in the area are the Kaya Diani and Kaya Ukunda. Our recommendation is a visit accompanied by a guide who can illustrate their history and their sacrality.

26 kilometers from Aestus Villas Resort, Mombasa is easily reachable, at any time of the day, by car, taxi or matatu, the local buses whose drivers are usually keen on telling stories, anecdotes and folklore thus helping visitors to get a flavour of local life. Mombasa is the second largest city in Africa and, although certainly chaotic, offers an enjoyable atmosphere. Proudly boasting 2500 years of history old based on Roman and Egyptian adventure narratives, during a visit to Mombasa, a must see is the old town with its maze of narrow streets, mosques and houses perched on the hillside, which slopes down to the port of Dhow. We also recommend the following sites: Fort Jesus – the only vestiges of the first Portuguese rule, the Jain temple and the Mandhry Mosque.

Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Park
55 kilometers from Aestus Villas Resort. In Diani Beach there are countless tour operators arranging daily boat trips to visit the Kisite-Mpunguti National Park, where visitors get the chance to see dolphins and unique marine species. During the trip the boat stops for snorkeling, diving and dolphin watching. Usually lunch is at Wasini island where local dishes of crabs and fishes are served.

Funzi Island
40 kilometers from Aestus Villas Resort, again using the Diani Beach tour operators, you can take a relaxing half an hour boat trip to Funzi Island. The island is famous for its numerous bird species and for the chance to see crocodiles. Snorkeling is also possible at the coral reef.

Shimba Hills National Park
46 kilometeters from Aestus Villas Resort is Shimba Hills National Park, one of the lesser known and less visited but easy to reach, offering the chance to see many kinds of animals. The best time to see wildlife is early in the morning. At Shimba Lodge or at Shledick waterfalls it is possible to encounter large groups of elephants. The park is also home to the only breeding group of Sable antelope in Kenya, a beautiful animal nearly as big as a horse with long curved horns. The visit at the park is possible with a day trip from Diani or with an overnight stay at Shimba Lodge or at the Shimba Hills National Park camp.

Mwaluganje Elephants Reserve
50 kilometers from Aestus Villas Resort, situated North-West of the Shimba Hills National Park, it is a private reserve, created in 1995 to protect the elephants from the wrath of local farmers whose crops were being destroyed by the animals. Today, 300 elephants roam freely in the Reserve. There are also several other species of animals and vegetation such as baobab tree. Also in this case it can be a day trip, or an overnight trip with stay at Travellers Mwalunganje Elephant Camp.


2/3 days excursions:

Masai Mara, Amboseli and Est and West Tsavo National Parks
These are the most famous National Parks of Africa! To reach the Parks there are daily flights to and from Ukunda Air Strip, very near to the Resort. To visit the parks you can interrupt your seaside vacation just for 2 or 3 days. Although trips to national parks are an experience recommended throughout the year, the best period is from July to October, during the annual wildebeest migration in the Masai Mara Park, known as the seventh wonder of the world. The parks are home to lions, giraffes, cheetahs, leopards, hyenas, coyotes, zebras, antelopes, crocodiles and hippos and many other wild animals. For the Masai Mara Park we suggest a stay of 3 days while the Amboseli Park and the Tsavo Park may suffice with 2 days. For the adventurous Tsavo is accessible by 4×4 with a half day trip. For travel arrangements we can assist you with advice and useful information.

The city of Lamu is located on the island sharing the same name. A place or rare beauty, it was founded in the fourteenth century and, known as “the best kept secret on the coast”, it has entered the list of UNESCO’s “World Heritage Sites”. Although the monuments are few, the numerous old houses give it an incredible charm, combined to the breathtaking views, exciting life scenes and lovely corners where to enjoy some rest. Several daily flights connect Lamu archipelago to Ukunda airstrip, located close to Aestus Villas Resort.

During your stay in our resort we will be happy to give you suggestions and any information you might need to organize your trip there!

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